Monday, September 22, 2008

Ian's New Degree!!!

Congratulations Ian!!!
A little bird told me Ian was getting his Masters Degree this weekend! Congratulations to Ian for his hard work and dedication! We are all very proud of you! You deserve it!
Love your Family, each and everyone of us!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

By the Way...or BTW

If anyone wants to change something let me know OR just do it! THis is our site! Also we need to list all the birthdays here somehow! I will see if I can figure it out!
Also. . .
Each person or family member try to put up a different Tanner Family picture when you post. Come on gotta get CREATIVE! From Christmas as kids to fun football games as grown ups with the Chandlers! I know they are out there!


Welcome family!

I guess in order to be a good example I am begining this blog! I am excited to begin this journey with you! I know that it is important to keep in touch with family and I am the WORST one of all! So I will begin. . . as one of my steps of repentance!

This week I am studying for the Praxis the test that I need to get my teachers certification! Scary!!! Pray for me! I go Saturday the 13th at 7:30AM Ugh!

Next week on Sunday the 21st is that ever frightening talk in church. . . once again PRAY for me!

I love each and every one of you!
Have a Great week and I look forward to all your lovely bloggings!