Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Taylor is 13!
13 years ago today my little girl made her entrance into the world.
Berwick PA
While I labored in one room Rick and some friends were eating pizza in the waiting room, eagerly awaiting the arrival of our sweet baby.
I admit I slept - THANK YOU epi!
She still enjoys Build a Bear and bubbles.
Hugs from mom never go out of style!
But dad is embarrassing and she has that teenage attitude!
Why do they grow up?
I love my "bundle of Joy"!
Happy Birthday my love!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Getting ready for the Holiday's is a busy time of year! A happy time, yet sad with Mom gone. This was her favorite time of year! I know how sad she felt for all those years when we grew up and moved away. I am sad...most of my kids are old and grown now and 1/2 of them are out of the house, that means things are quieter and lonelier at home. I am happy for my children, they are growing up and have families of their own. It leaves me with sweet, tender memories of their childhoods, but also with a sense of sadness.

This year when we decorated the tree, it was sure different than any other...quiet! It was just Ian, Trent, Kali and I. What a sweet spirit that little boy of mine has! He is such an angel and the best uncle ever to Kali. With a grand baby in the house now, Ian was a bit more excited than he has been in years. He actually put up lights outside! I guess when one chapter closes, another one opens.

I do love this time of year....just the smell of Christmas reminds me of Mom! I try to do things like she did. I want to be like her. She always gave, never took. She loved our Savior. She wanted to follow in His footsteps. I love to read the book that you made of her Len, thank you for that. I hope that we can always remember her and her sweet, giving spirit.
Merry Christmas my sweet family!