Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor!

Taylor is 13!
13 years ago today my little girl made her entrance into the world.
Berwick PA
While I labored in one room Rick and some friends were eating pizza in the waiting room, eagerly awaiting the arrival of our sweet baby.
I admit I slept - THANK YOU epi!
She still enjoys Build a Bear and bubbles.
Hugs from mom never go out of style!
But dad is embarrassing and she has that teenage attitude!
Why do they grow up?
I love my "bundle of Joy"!
Happy Birthday my love!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Getting ready for the Holiday's is a busy time of year! A happy time, yet sad with Mom gone. This was her favorite time of year! I know how sad she felt for all those years when we grew up and moved away. I am sad...most of my kids are old and grown now and 1/2 of them are out of the house, that means things are quieter and lonelier at home. I am happy for my children, they are growing up and have families of their own. It leaves me with sweet, tender memories of their childhoods, but also with a sense of sadness.

This year when we decorated the tree, it was sure different than any other...quiet! It was just Ian, Trent, Kali and I. What a sweet spirit that little boy of mine has! He is such an angel and the best uncle ever to Kali. With a grand baby in the house now, Ian was a bit more excited than he has been in years. He actually put up lights outside! I guess when one chapter closes, another one opens.

I do love this time of year....just the smell of Christmas reminds me of Mom! I try to do things like she did. I want to be like her. She always gave, never took. She loved our Savior. She wanted to follow in His footsteps. I love to read the book that you made of her Len, thank you for that. I hope that we can always remember her and her sweet, giving spirit.
Merry Christmas my sweet family!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!
Two thoughts to my lovely family.
what do you think about...
  1. Each family writing a small post about the birthday person. So for instance if it is Lesli's B-day, then someone in her family please post a fun fact, picture, story, or all of the above about her on her special day. (Sorry Les, I missed you and Breckyn too. I meant to do this before your b-days).
  2. Each month we will give a different family the job of writing a post. (a month should be plenty of time to come up with something great). This does not mean if you have something you want to post and it is not your month you cannot post, please! I just want to hear special stuff that you may not want to post on your own blog. A spiritual thought, any thought, you decide. If everyone wants to close this to our own families so no one but us can read these that is fine too.

Lastly, I have set up our blog so that when someone posts it will send an email to you. That way if you dont check the blog everyday you will still know when someone posts.

I love you and really miss all of you on this wonderful day for families! PLEASE hug each other for me!

kisses, Lorri

Friday, November 7, 2008

Who Are Our New Authors?


Everyone should have gotten an invitation to be an author on our TEAM BLOG!!! A couple of you have all ready responded!


Please respond and you can post anything you want on our blog! It will be great cuz it doesnt have to be a big know unless you want to!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


HappY BirthDaY to you!

These are the birthdays I have confirmed.

I know there are sorry! I am losing my mind and dont know everyones birthday by heart! Please dont take offense if I got them wrong!!! Please!!

Just leave a message to correct them...I am working on this blog so we can each be authors. It will be fun really, no really!

Tinney Tribe

Amanda 3/13/84

Sam 9/2/88

Bobby 9/23/92

Sadi 12/10/93

Cody 1/12/96

LeeAnn 10/1/70
Bob 6/12/62
Ethan 11/13/04
Tytan 12/2/06

Witty Worden's

Ashli **12/20/85

Adam **6/2/84

Ali **9/7/88

Kali **7/2/08

Whit **8/25/90

Trent **10/29/1999

Ian **9/30/67

Lesli **11/23/67

The LOUD Family

David **5/14/87

Arli **2/8/89

Jake **9/4/86

Danie **1/26/92

Taylor **12/27/95

Lorri **9/3/65

Rick **5/5/63

Team Tanner

Lindsey **10/2/94

Nikki **3/31/96

Austin **7/23/00

Shelley **4/19/73

Len **7/17/69

Thee Tanner's

Preston ** 8/24 /04

Tracen **1/26/06

Kelci **7/14/08

Terra **4/3/82

Nate **9/6/78
Friendly Fellows
Hayden **10/4/98
Tanner **5/3/01
Breckyn **11/19/03
Caison **7/7/07
Tiffany **7/19/75
Grandpa and Grandma Elaine
Elaine **12/17/**

Dad **12/6/**

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ian's New Degree!!!

Congratulations Ian!!!
A little bird told me Ian was getting his Masters Degree this weekend! Congratulations to Ian for his hard work and dedication! We are all very proud of you! You deserve it!
Love your Family, each and everyone of us!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

By the Way...or BTW

If anyone wants to change something let me know OR just do it! THis is our site! Also we need to list all the birthdays here somehow! I will see if I can figure it out!
Also. . .
Each person or family member try to put up a different Tanner Family picture when you post. Come on gotta get CREATIVE! From Christmas as kids to fun football games as grown ups with the Chandlers! I know they are out there!


Welcome family!

I guess in order to be a good example I am begining this blog! I am excited to begin this journey with you! I know that it is important to keep in touch with family and I am the WORST one of all! So I will begin. . . as one of my steps of repentance!

This week I am studying for the Praxis the test that I need to get my teachers certification! Scary!!! Pray for me! I go Saturday the 13th at 7:30AM Ugh!

Next week on Sunday the 21st is that ever frightening talk in church. . . once again PRAY for me!

I love each and every one of you!
Have a Great week and I look forward to all your lovely bloggings!