Monday, August 10, 2009

Sadi & Whitney

"Show Us Your Best Jonas!" That is what these crazy girls did, and won a super cool contest today!! This is the actual picture they won with!

Wow, we have some creative girls! I am amazed at the things these girls come up with! They are so much fun! They won 1st runner up and won 4 tickets to the Jonas Brothers Concert AND passes for a stage check where the boys will answer questions!!

They are so excited about it, they worked really hard. Do you wanna know what the best thing is???? They invited Trent, LeeAnn and me to go with them! (They already had their 2 tickets) Wow, what great kids they are! Here's the link to the radio station and their picture (with the other winners).

I'm proud of you two!! Thanks for thinking of us and the invitation!!! The future WILL be fun with these two, that's for sure! We love you guys!


Tinney Tribe! said...

I am so very Proud of these silly girls! Going to be so much fun!!
Great Post Les!

Texas Tanners said...

You two are awesome. We can't wait to see pictures of the fun night. Congratulations...

Lesli said...

Thanks guys!!! I know they appreciate your support too! Love you lots!

Love Lorri said...

How was the concert? I am so proud of them! I know my girls cant wait to come and VISIT!
Love ya tons!